Are you bored with buying the same grocery items week after week? Cooking more often than you want to from jars or plastic bags? Feeling trapped in a cycle of tired home recipes, but too busy to look into your glowing library of (barely open) celebrity chef cookbooks? Then you have come to the right place!

Welcome to my Tasty Diaries

Like most working mums with children my days are spent juggling multiple hats, including that of cook in chief for my family. The idea of Tasty Diaries came to me after I realised that although I had grown up bathed in the kitchen smells of my mum’s delicious traditional French cooking, dinners in my own home had depressingly become a boring, recurrent affair. So when my single, partnered, and with-kids friends echoed my mood, the concept was launched.

Tasty Diaries’ purpose is to inject fun and novelty into your home eating routine, keeping in mind the time pressures that most families and busy foodies have today. Every Thursday, just in time for planning your weekend shopping, I email out a newsletter that provides exciting, simple and nutritious recipe ideas for the week to come. These include three quick and easy workweek recipes, a fancier three-course meal for the weekend and a couple of additional suggestions, such as for instance a recipe for a lovely Sunday afternoon treat in case you feel like baking. Just information you need when you need it, no more. Soon a shopping list builder will be added to the site, which will take away all the hassles of planning your shopping!

The featured recipes are a mix of my own creations, many based on my French heritage, and recipes by food professionals I love including “guest chefs” from my favourite restaurants (some Michelin starred!), top quality food retailers and cooking schools. I select, cook, taste and photograph all the recipes myself. Since I am only a home cook with no formal cooking training and more used to spending time in the office than in the kitchen, what you see on my pictures is likely to be very close to what you will get when making my recipes. I also pepper the cooking instructions with plenty of advice to make sure you will achieve success.

All that’s left for you to do now is to unleash the dormant cook in you, keep that chopping board handy and enjoy the pleasures of having varied and delightful food in your plate every week!

A très bientôt,


PS: for the full experience please read this website with a thick French accent. If the grammar in the text reads a bit strange at times it will sound all the more poetic! 😉